House of Bethany FAQ

What is House of Bethany?

House of Bethany is our Worship Academy here at Jesus School. Our heart here is to see worshipers arise. This is a place where passionate worshippers can be equipped to go to deeper levels of ministering to the heart of Jesus. Bethany was dear to the Lord Jesus.

Here at House of Bethany we offer several tracks: vocals, instruments, dance, creative writing (songwriting, spoken word, poetry) and media (social media, photography, videography).

Why do I need to go to Jesus School to be a part of House of Bethany?

Jesus School lays the foundation for everything we do at the House of Bethany. We want our worshipers to be equipped with the Word and the Gospel. As a student of Jesus School, you will be in an environment of hands-on discipleship to grow deeper in intimacy with Jesus. 

Can Jesus School Online Students apply to House of Bethany?

At this time, you must be enrolled as a Jesus School student in Orlando to be a part of House of Bethany. However, if you have graduated from first or second year of Jesus School and wish to attend House of Bethany, you are more than welcome to apply.

Can I apply for more than one track?

You can apply for more than one track. However, you can only be accepted into one track per year.

Does being enrolled in House of Bethany grant you a spot on the worship team and or choir?

House of Bethany does not grant you a spot on the worship team or choir, but we hold auditions in Jesus School that we encourage you to sign up for!

Do I need to audition for House of Bethany?

Yes, in our application there is a place to put your audition.
We also hold live auditions once a month throughout the summer! If you are interested in coming to a live audition please reach out to our team

If I am on the worship team at my local church but a student of House of Bethany, am I still able to stay on the worship team at my local church?

Of course. We encourage you all to stay committed to your prior obligations.

Can I be a House of Bethany student if I am an international student?

We welcome all international students who are accepted into our Jesus School program in Orlando. Once you have completed and received your M-1 visa, you will complete the rest of your agreement forms and then be eligible to apply to the House of Bethany: Worship Academy.

Once I finish one year of House of bethany, can I do it again on a different track? Or will there be a second year of Bethany?

Yes! There will be a second year of House of Bethany. You can come back for a different track.